Dr. Mrs. Glory Udo Obioma formally known as Adaku Sunday (born March 7th) is a Nigerian Christian with a strong charisma.

Her educational qualifications include;

Bachelor of Theology (B.th)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Religion.

Master of Education (M.Ed) in Educational Management /Administration.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Educational Management (Administration/Planning). Amongst others.

Dr. Glory is a teacher of the gospel of Christ, a marriage and relationship coach, an administrator, counselor and Educational per excellence. She has several awards accredited to her by local and international bodies.

She is the wife of Dr. Udo Obioma, an Anglican Venerable and the president of THE WAY TO GOD GOSPEL MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL with Headquarter in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. They are happily lived together since 15th December 1984 and have collectively made marks for the kingdom. Dr. Mrs. Glory Udo Obioma is a firm disciplinarian with an ever amiable ambience laced with words of wisdom. She has a high level of discernment which aids her administration and counseling services.

She is greatly admired by all especially fellow pastors’ wives and lady ministers for her humility, self discipline and modesty in all ramifications. This makes her monthly prayer conference tagged “Pastors wives and lady ministers’ forum” a constant success.

Dr. Glory has a strong passion for single ladies and have over the years been a mother figure in the lives of those who do not have as well as plays a mentorship role to them through her monthly vigils and one on one counseling session.

Also, her strongest passion which is seeing people enjoy and not endure their marriages led to the commencement of the impactful “SWEET MARRIAGE SWEET HOME”  a powerful and revolutionary summit for married couples and some editions featuring the singles.

This quarterly meeting held alongside her husband has brought tremendous healing and sweetness to many marriages and directions to many singles since 2009.

The ministry of Dr. Glory is generally characterized by true words of divine wisdom. That transforms the lives of any/every one that comes in contact through which ever platform. This grace has made her voice global (in the Eastern Nigeria, The women Ministry of the Anglican Communion).

Dr. Glory Udo Obioma has countless persons whose ministries impact her including;

Ven. Dr. Udo Obioma (Mentor), her role models; Mama Gloria Copland, Mama Joyce Meyer, Mama Faith Oyedepo, Nkechi Iloputife as well as the late Abimbola R. Odukoya.

Based on her educational qualifications and spiritual endowment, Dr. Glory is also the director of schools WAGGOM International and the provost of WAGGOM Theological Seminary owned by the ministry.


Her administrations and counsels have greatly contributed to the steady growth of the ministry and have impacted lives especially that of women in different denominations both internationally and grass root levels thereby fulfilling an aspect  of the ministry’s mandate.

She develops interesting course plan to meet the spiritual, emotional and social needs of students. She establishes and enforces rules for behavior and procedure for maintaining order among a diverse class of students. She ensures that progressive teaching principles are applied to constantly improve the standard of the Ministry.

Above all, Dr. Glory is a woman who understands her responsibilities as a wife and mother; she is a pillar of great support in THE WAY TO GOD GOSPEL MINISTRY (WAGGOM) INTERNATIONAL and in raising Godly children which she boldly call her ”PRIMARY ASSIGNMENT” 

She is a virtuous mother of five (5) lovely, God fearing children – Gospel, Godswill, Miracle, Wisdom and Marvelous as well as  a grandmother whose mean measure attracted to herself many other children across the globe ranging from young to old.